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CEQ All – Tom March speaks on taking school out of learning

Interesting blog about Tom March.


At the Brisbane Catholic Education Teacher Librarian ‘Big Day Out’, we hosted key note speaker Tom March, who challenged us to truly transform learning, by overturning the ‘assembly-line’ model that has been with us since the late 1800’s, and embracing a passion driven approach, where students are encouraged to ‘seek all’. Using his clever ‘CEQ All’ model, Tom spoke about how a learning centred approach may well be the only successful model of education in these times of ubiquitous technology and 24/7 information access.

CEQ All stands for Choice > Effort > Quality • Attitude > Labor of Love / Lifelong Learning / Love of Learning, and reflects the movement towards personal and personalised learning. Tom admits that this change will not be easy; with a history of education being delivered via the factory model style, the desire to sit passively and await the content as it is fed…

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10 things parents should unlearn…

What are your thoughts on the list of things parents should unlearn?

A Day in the Life of a Mobile Learner

This is an interesting blog on ways to use mobile technology in a day of a learner. Good examples of iPad apps!


The flexibility of mobile devices is without doubt what affords them their great potential.  Whether you have a 1:1 tablet arrangement, a bank devices or a single device per class, there are many possibilities for creative use. A mobile learner takes advantage of this flexibility; they use it individually, with a buddy and in groups,  taking it to where the learning is – to the playground, to the library, on the excursion – and using it in a variety of ways – as a source of information, as a tool for recording learning, as a method of expression or a channel for collaboration. This post aims to exemplify just some of these modes of use.

The SAMR model developed by Ruben R. Puentedura encourages teachers to move beyond simply substituting the mobile device for what they might otherwise do with another tool, and

‘enables teachers to design, develop, and integrate digital…

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Stop Stealing Dreams

Stop Stealing Dreams

What is school for?

The economy has changed, probably forever.

School hasn’t.

School was invented to create a constant stream of compliant factory workers to the growing businesses of the 1900s. It continues to do an excellent job at achieving this goal, but it’s not a goal we need to achieve any longer.

In this 30,000 word manifesto, I imagine a different set of goals and start (I hope) a discussion about how we can reach them. One thing is certain: if we keep doing what we’ve been doing, we’re going to keep getting what we’ve been getting.

Our kids are too important to sacrifice to the status quo.