Monthly Archives: September 2014


Eight weeks ago my wife gave birth to our fourth child, a gorgeous little boy. What a beautiful time, experiencing new life, love and family. How do you manage your time though. I found myself today going to the fridge to organise lunch at work, only to be reminded that it’s not lunchtime. Feeling tired and trying to stay on top of everything that needs to take place in the home and at work is interesting and often very difficult and sometimes we just completely lose track of time. As I am feeling stretched with time and my use of time, I began to think about the students in our care at school, and for that matter my own children and their use of time. Are we trying to educate children in too much of a traditional way, the way we think they need to learn; but is that the best way for them to learn. In an age where children are engaged in video games while music is playing in the background on their iPod, text messages are flying back and forth on another device, and then at school we tell them to sit down quietly at a desk, in straight rows and we attempt to engage them in learning. I believe there is a better way and that schools are gradually moving in the right direction but is it quickly enough.

I recently watched this youtube clip which I found very interesting.